Thursday, February 11, 2016

How to generate unlimited diamonds in Cloud Raiders

Cloud Raiders Hack Cheats Tool latest version is out now! The main feature of Cloud Raiders Hack tool is that you can and only can generate unlimited diamonds to this game. No more bullshit function! Just the diamonds generator function. This tool has been tested in ios, android, windows phone and facebook platform. There is no bug founded so far. If you are troubling in getting diamonds in Cloud Raiders, then you should have a try for this awesome tool.

About Cloud Raiders

Cloud Raiders catapults action strategy to dizzying new heights! In a sky filled with floating islands, you must dominate them all. The best part? You have a five-million-ton floating island stronghold to do it! Assemble your army of ruthless raiders and transform your island into an impregnable fortress of doom! Form clans with your friends and blast your enemies out of the skies!

Fortify your base with thundering cannons, cunning traps and spellbound artifacts, then lead your troops on sorties to fend off intruders and withstand hordes of skyborne enemies. Vicious pirates are only the first threat on the horizon, so quickly scatter their dastardly fleet to the four winds. Train an army of axe-brandishing marauders, grenade-lobbing bombardiers, fire-breathing dragons, and many more fearsome warriors to take the fight to your foes!
Key features:
– Millions of strategies, but just one goal: Grab the other guy’s loot!
– Form clans and fight for global dominance! Battle your way to ranked-PvP glory!
– Charge through an epic campaign across Floating Fortresses, Pirate Rafts, and other exciting airborne battles!
– Pit your army against legendary bosses and pirate overlords! Rumor has it giant golems roam the cloud forests, but those are just tall-tales… right?
– Summon powerful new units every week to fight by your side!
– Protect your base with powerful cannons, cunning traps and other fortifications! Rally your troops from their bunkers to meet your attackers head on!
– Unlock the full potential of your warriors, spells and heroes by upgrading them in the laboratory!
– Brew your own buffs to get an edge on the battlefield! Just don’t let your bombardiers near the brewery… that’s an accident just waiting to happen!
– Call in devastating cannon salvos from your Battle Carrier! Unlock new ammo upgrades to obliterate your opponents!

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